To connect to the Allant FTP site to pick up or drop off files with an existing account, please log in below. If you do not have an Allant FTP account please contact us at 800-367-7311 to set one up. For the most secure file transfers, we recommend using one of these SFTP clients instead of Internet Explorer:

LinuxOS XWindows FileZilla Y Y
Windows WinSCP Y Y
Windows WS_FTP Y/$ Y/$1
Windows SecureFX Y/$ Y/$1
Windows SmartFTP Y/$ Y/$1
Java (cross-platform) muCommander Y Y
Y Yes, for free
Y/$ Yes, with purchase
1 Professional version required

FTP (Using Internet Explorer)

Change your password here

To download your file: Right-click on the filename and choose "Copy To Folder".

To upload your file: Drag-and-drop the file into the IE window.

Alternate MSIE proxy login button: Log in with this button if you are using Internet Explorer through an FTP proxy.

FTP (Using a dedicated client)

Please connect to the hostname When you log in, you will be placed in your home directory. If your FTP client resets your directory, change to "/client/uuu", where uuu is your username.


If you wish to transfer files via SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), connect to and use the same username and password as for FTP.


Remember: filenames must not contain spaces

You can check packet loss and latency to our FTP server with the Allant Connectivity Report.